Institute for Economic Diplomacy invites you to participate in the Youth Digital Champions project. The project is co-financed via the Erasmus+ programme.


The main goal of the Youth Digital Champions project is to bring young leaders from Poland, Turkey, Hungary and Finland to work in a hybrid formula – online and live. We want them to be able to manage their teams online, use the digital skills and digital tools, adjust their initiative to the world of the Internet, as well as to be active users and be aware of the dangers from cyberspace.


Other project objectives are:

– training young people in digital management;
– development of digital skills;
– drawing attention to the threats and opportunities associated with new technologies;
– drawing attention to the specifics of international activities;
– bring about snowball effect – all participants will be obliged to perform their own digital workshops in native countries

Thanks to this, future leaders will become digital leaders capable of changing their institutional environment. It will contribute to the development, both personal and national. The project will be based on youth exchange, through integration and work progress, it will improve their digital and managerial skills. By breaking down cultural and national barriers, we intend to trigger a discussion about new reality and to help younger users adapt to new world technologies. In a normal, homogeneous situation this would be difficult.


The project consists of 9 events of workshops, lectures and training meetings with the experts, trainers, VIP guests and leaders of digitalisation, management and leadership skills. The project will take place online, via internet communicators from May to June 2022.

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