Nuclear Diplomacy

The main objective of the project is to initiate a debate on a nuclear power development strategy based on an analysis of the functioning and bids and expansion of foreign entities.

The project focuses on influencing the development of Poland’s nuclear power sector, economy and economic diplomacy by involving a wide group of social partners in the process of selecting the most advantageous bids for the construction of nuclear power in Poland. The aim is to create a permanent mechanism for consultation and coordination of joint undertakings analysing nuclear projects and supporting decision-makers in assessing nuclear investors in their activities on the Polish energy market. This is particularly important now, in a reality changed by Russia’s aggressive policy, including Nord Stream 2.

Through the project, we want to create an appropriate platform for discussion between foreign entrepreneurs and Polish politicians, entrepreneurs and scientists in order to find an optimal offer enabling Poland to obtain a stable, cheap source of electricity, guaranteeing both jobs for qualified engineering and scientific staff and taking care of the ecosystem with its low carbon footprint. In addition, we would also like to raise the awareness of Polish citizens on the issue we are discussing. 

The starting point of our discussion will be an analysis of the nuclear diplomacy (supporting the export of technology, know-how and investment in the nuclear field) of other countries. We intend to analyse how countries with a strong domestic nuclear industry support its expansion abroad and how they use it in international relations. We will also focus on good practices and experiences of nuclear diplomacy by different actors. We will present the analyses in the form of compelling articles published on our website and social media, enhanced by dedicated infographics.
Publicly available articles and reports with recommendations on the use of nuclear technology based on the practices of third countries will be part of the project, as well as building positive public perception of nuclear energy.

Funded by the National Institute of Freedom – Centre for Civil Society Development as part of the governmental NOWEFIO Civic Initiatives Fund Programme for 2021-2030.



Raport Atomowa Dyplomacja
Nuclear Diplomacy Report 2022



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